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St. Mary Parish School Uniforms & Dress Code

Click here to download the entire SMPS 2008-2009 Student Handbook (pdf)

All Students
Spirit Day
Scouts/Youth Groups
PE Uniforms
Other (Field Trips, Picture Day, etc.)

The purpose of the St. Mary Parish Catholic School dress code is to provide a uniform appearance, to promote school identification, and to encourage pride and responsibility in personal appearance. The dress code should reduce the cost of buying school clothing, and should reduce competition among students based on their clothing. All students of Saint Mary Catholic School are required to wear the appropriate school uniform.  Cooperation is greatly appreciated and crucial if a student is going to attend St. Mary's.

At the discretion of the principal and/or pastor, certain dress situations may be determined to be unacceptable, at which time the student and his/her parents will be notified and expected to comply with the code that principal and/or pastor set forth in that particular instance. If any item becomes disruptive the student will be asked to not wear or bring certain items to school.



All Students:
Pants & Shorts
Navy pants (Parker, or Sears brand are allowed). No Baggies. Pants should be tailored (fitting at the waistline) and in good taste. Navy walking length (just above the knee) shorts may be worn during the months of August, September, and May. They must match Parker Uniform shorts in color and style (no cargo shorts or other styles).

Pants or shorts must have belt loops and must be worn with a dark belt. Belt length must be in belt loops and be free of trim. Girls in K-5 must wear appropriate length shorts under their uniform skirts if removing them for P.E. class. No tight shorts.


Shirts may be purchased anywhere, but must match in color and style the Parker Uniform shirt.  White oxford style shirts or white polo shirts with either short or long sleeves may be worn with the uniform. The shirts must be tucked in at the waist at all times. All shirts (including sweatshirts) must be no longer than the length at the wrist and at the waistline. Any oversized will not be allowed. Plain white t-shirts or turtlenecks, or school shirt may be worn underneath. No emblems allowed except SMS emblem. The arm length must be the same on both shirts worn. No mock turtlenecks are allowed.


Sweaters, Sweatshirts

Parker navy cardigans, vests and/or pullover sweaters are allowed. Parker uniform sweaters/vests may be worn in the classroom. The gray long-sleeved fleeced sweatshirt with the St. Mary Parish Catholic School Emblem may be worn at anytime when worn over a uniform shirt or turtleneck. Sweatshirts will be available for purchase at different times throughout the school year.



Socks must be navy or white only, without trim of any kind. They may be ankle or knee socks. Ankle socks are to cover the area above the ankle and must be visible above the shoe. If shoes cover the ankle, the sock still needs to be visible for a uniform look. Socks must be worn with sandals (sandals may be worn during August, September and May).


Shoes: Students may wear leather soled casual or dress shoes. Heels may not be more than two inches and must not be open at the toe or heel.

Students may also wear tennis shoes. High top tennis shoes, shoes with inset wheels and "crocs" are not allowed.

There are an incredible number of types and styles of shoes to choose today. We do not want shoes that attract attention due to color (bright pink, neon green, etc.) or style (shoes the flash lights or have wheels). Our goal is a uniform look. Parent discretion has always worked in this area of our uniform regulations and has not required us to be more specific.

Hairstyles are to be simple as well. No hair coloring. Boys’ hair must be off the collar, off the ears, out of the eyes. Hair can be “buzzed” but not shaved. Girls’ style can vary but not shocking (spiked, shaved, etc.) Again it is a uniform look we have to have.


Jewelry, Body Piercing & Body Art 
Girls are allowed to wear one post earring in each ear, at the ear lobe. Please no dangling earrings, multiple earrings, bracelets, necklaces. No other body piercing or tattoos are allowed. If any boy or girl wishes to wear religious necklaces (scapulas or religious medals), they will be asked to wear them under their shirts.


Skirts and jumpers
Jumpers are worn in grades K-5 and skirts are worn during grades 6-8. Skirt length is to be no shorter than the top of the knee. Jumpers worn above the knee are in violation of the dress code.  We ask that parents help us keep an eye on this so students do not get in trouble.  Girls in grades K-5 should wear shorts under their jumpers to allow for quick change for Physical Education. Grades 6-8 will have lockers assigned in P\.E. and be able to change in the locker room.

Jumpers and skirts must be purchased from Parker Uniform, located at 650 N. Carriage Pkwy #85.  You may shop online at their website,, St. Mary ID # WI100553.



Socks must be navy or white only, without trim of any kind. They may be ankle or knee socks. Ankle socks are to cover the area above the ankle. If shoes cover the ankle, the sock still needs to be visible for a uniform look. Socks must be worn with sandals (sandals may be worn during August, September and May).




On cold days all girls may wear navy or white tights; grades 6-8 may wear hose. All girls may also wear navy blue leggings that Parker Uniform sells. All other leggings or sweats may be worn at recess but students will be required to remove them during class time.




In addition to the white blouse or polo, girls may also wear a navy polo.  The navy polo may be worn with the jumper or skirt only.



No make up is allowed. Girls may have clear nail polish only.


Hair Code
Hair is to be of modest style. Hair length is to be no longer than the top of the ear on the sides and the top of the collar in back.




In addition to the white polo or oxford, boys may also wear a red polo.




Spirit Day Attire  
Shirt Must be a St. Mary Bobcat shirt or uniform shirt. Eighth graders are allowed to wear their approved class shirt. Athletes may wear their St. Mary team uniform shirts, but sleeveless shirts must be worn with a shirt underneath.

Pants Blue jeans

Footwear - same as uniform policy.

On Spirit Days students always have the option of wearing the school uniform. Proper non-uniform attire for performances, field trips and picture days will be explained by the individual teacher involved or in the newsletter.


Youth Group Uniforms (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Little Flowers, etc.) 
Youth group uniforms may be worn to school on meeting or group function day only. Only official youth group uniforms in the range of decency (skirts or skorts no shorter than top of knee) may be worn. Jeans (any color) are not considered official scout uniforms. Official youth group shorts may be worn to school during the times of the year that school uniform shorts may be worn (August, September and May) All youth groups must first be approved by the principal.


PE Uniforms
Students in grades K-5 wear their school uniforms for PE.  Girls will remove their jumpers for PE class.  Students in grades 6-8 must purchase a P.E. shirt and wear blue shorts with it for class. They are assigned a P.E. locker in the locker room and change there. Any type of blue shorts are allowed but should be of modest length (No short shorts please!!!!).


Other attire   
School performances, Diocesan activities, picture day and field trips, allow for each student to represent their school in way that reflects the values of our school. Questions regarding hem length, etc. use the uniform guidelines. Further questions may be asked by contacting the school office. If a parent questions the appropriateness of an outfit this is usually an indications that an alternative outfit should be worn. Dress wear should fit the event. School uniform may be worn in place of other attire at anytime. Permission slips will indicate general wear for all functions.

Shirts - All shirts must have a sleeve, not just straps.

Pants - Blue jeans must be nice, without holes, hemmed etc. Review standards of fit for school uniform pants.

Dresses & Skirts -Length as approved by uniform guidelines. Dresses must have a sleeve, not just straps and be of modest taste.

Shoes - as uniform guidelines

2300 E. Meadowlark, Derby, Kansas 67037-0325